Welcome to GOOD Mining Exploration Inc.

GOOD Mining Exploration Inc. is a privately-owned Junior Mining Exploration Company established and registered in the Province of Ontario, Canada, in October of 2012. The Company is involved primarily in prospecting, staking of claims, and the subsequent registration of those claims to acquire the mineral rights on high potential parcels of land in Northern Ontario. Further to that, advanced exploration techniques such as geophysics, diamond core drilling, channeling, pitting and trenching are executed to quantify potential resources.

Good3Our primary goal is to locate gold deposits, as well as other precious metals, rare earth elements, base metals and precious gems. Once a viable parcel of land is discovered, staked, and registered with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, we then complete our consultation with the local Aboriginal Groups and put in place the necessary agreements, and also apply for an early exploration plan or permit.  Once approved, sampling begins, which includes, pitting, trenching, diamond core drilling, grab sampling, placer mining and sluicing.  High probability samples are then delivered to registered labs in Ontario to produce certified precious metals and multi-element reports, which are then used in technical reports and advanced studies on the claims, for future potential mining operations.

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