Corporate Practices

GMEI is a privately owned, unlisted and independent Junior Mining Exploration Company. The Company holds registered mining claim properties in Northern Ontario, Canada, within the Matheson sector of the Timmins gold belt in the Larder Lake Mining District.  It maintains 100% fully owned mineral rights on all of its Corporate: GOOD Mining is a privately owned and unlisted, independent Junior Mining Exploration Company, with staked and registered mining claim properties in Northern Ontario, Canada.currently active mining claims, both unpatented, patented and also some surface rights. All claims have up to date assessment work credits booked with the MNDM. The Company’s project, which is named the ‘Golden Target Project’ is in an early stage of exploration and diamond core drilling, with a total of 831 claim units on 89 registered and active mining claims, covering approximately 13,296 hectares (133 Km2). Additional mining claims are always being considered for staking and registration as the Company’s assets expand. A keen focus on the natural environment and its preservation, the rights of other people and groups, as well as ethical business practices are all very important. GMEI takes pride in its commitment to work with people and organizations which are like minded in these regards. The company consults with the local Aboriginal groups, including the First Nations people and Metis Citizens, regarding work to be undertaken within potential traditional territories.