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Ontario, Canada Property Location Map

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The ‘Golden Target Project’ – McCann, Bowman, Currie and Egan Township Properties (Gold Prospect)

The ‘Defiance Project’ – Black Township Project (Gold, Copper, Zinc Prospect)

GMEI holds 100% mining right interests in its claim properties within Golden Target Project and the Defiance Project of Black-River Matheson, in the Larder Lake Mining District. The claim properties consist of 13,296 hectares (133 Km2), of active unpatented, patented and surface rights ownership of 831 claim units on 89 mining claims.

Location: Our projects are located within the Abitibi Gold Belt, which is one of only 10 major gold producing zones in the world, and one of three in all of North America, hosting many mines and deposits of Gold, of which millions of ounces of gold have been produced in the last century.

(Golden Target Project)

The Golden Target Project is located about 60 kilometers east of Timmins and just to the south of the town of Matheson in Ontario, Canada. The region is known as the historic Matheson mining sector of the Timmins gold belt, where millions of ounces of gold have been produced; Located within the Abitibi Greenstone Belt in the Canadian Shield,the Destor-Porcupine Fault Zone and on the Golden Arrow Fault.

The Golden Target Project claims are bordered on the Golden Arrow Properties of Victoria Gold Mines East Timmins, and less than 2 kms from the actively explored Golden Arrow open pit mine, where over 19,000 ounces of gold have been produced. Information released on the Golden Arrow mine through drilling and pitting, discloses gold mineralized zones of *1.63 g/t to *4.09 g/t.

*Data from the Technical Report on the Golden Arrow Property, Feb 2011

(Defiance Project)

The Defiance Project is located in Black Township and bordering Defiance peak which is an historic gold occurrence area. With modern day gold prices, and limited advanced exploration conducted in the past, these areas may warrant further exploration.


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Former CanREE Prospect:

The Company undertook a drill program in 2014 and spring of 2015 on the CanREE prospect of the Golden Target Project.  Due to processing errors of the independent laboratory, all data reports were deemed invalid. No further exploration on CanREE is planned at this time.

Golden Target Project:

This prospect currently occurs within the mining claim boundaries of claims 4277124, 4273033, 4273035, 4273034 and 4274040, and is currently extending further West and South on the GMEI claims. Three exploratory drill holes were drilled during the 2014 field season based on geophysical VLF survey targeting and chip samples.

Well-developed shears and faults were discovered during the 2015 prospecting and mapping campaign over the newly staked claims. Its relationship to the nearby Destor Porcupine Fault Zone is not yet known.

From July 2015 to the end of the 2015 season, GMEI’s then new Exploration Manager Joel Scodnick, P.Geo. supervised a prospecting, geophysics, diamond core drilling and chip sampling campaign, which was the focus of the company on the Golden Target Project, and that changed direction to the exploration for gold. Geophysical surveys conducted over certain areas of the property (VLF EM) indicated the presence of conductive bodies.

Another area called the ‘PS Area’ lies in an area where there is an intrusive body to the south. From studying the regional aeromagnetic maps of the area, there appears to be several NE-SW breaks or structures. Where these mag structures transect the E-W regional VLF-EM they present excellent targets for the occurrence of mineralization. One prime example can be found locally at the Golden Arrow Mine pit where the same magnetic feature can be found cutting across an intrusive. This model is not unique to the area but because of the proximity of the Golden Arrow Mine to the Golden Target Project, the model is a good one the Company will pay close attention to.

The summer program of 2015, was successful in identifying some important regional features, discovering the location of pits, shafts, and trenches, and a gold grain anomaly that was previously reported by the MNDM. The drilling of the GT-03 to GT-06 from 2014, identified hydrothermally altered zones with  silica, pyrite, and epidote and did return some anomalous gold values. The results at the end of the 2015 campaign shows that with continued prospecting and mapping, areas for further exploration have been identified. The 2017 drill program is being executed to explore these gold anomalies and conductive areas in further detail.

Key Points of Interest for this Project:

  • Mining friendly jurisdiction in the historic Timmins gold camp of Matheson, Ontario, Canada.
  • Exploration permits and Aboriginal agreements in place.
  • The Company’s projects consist of large contiguous blocks of mining lands, with 78 active mining claims covering approximately 10,896 hectares (26,925 acres).
  • Expansion of claims base ongoing to expand the Gold and base metals prospects.
  • Mining rights and surface rights 100% owned by GMEI
  • Local infrastructure in place such as easy access by highway, dirt and log roads, electricity, water, and crusher mills, rail, manpower, local mining town.
  • Focus placed on geophysics and drilling to quantify resources in an effort to maximize shareholder value while preserving cash

Other past and currently producing mines and occurrences nearby the GMEI properties (2014 data):

Hyde Occurrence – Within the Wildgoose Outwash Deposit Provincial Park and bordering on the southern McCann, GMEI properties, this is a gold occurrence. *Ministry of Northern Development and Mines Database.

Creek Zone Gold Deposit – Just north of the GMEI properties.

Gold Pike Mine –Approximately 11 kms northeast of the GMEI properties.

Grey Fox and Black Fox Gold Projects – About 9 kms northeast of the GMEI properties, operated by Brigus Gold.

Ross Gold Mine – Historic past producer, about 10 kms northeast of the GMEI properties.

Hislop Mine – Past gold producer. About 10 kms northeast of the GMEI properties, operated by St. Andrews Goldfields.

Fenn Gib Gold Project – Located in the Matheson area and about 19kms northeast of the GMEI properties.